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Using eBird to track spring migration!

April 09, 2020 3:56 PM | Tyler Harms (Administrator)

Did you know you can use eBird to track the spring migration of your favorite migratory bird? Follow the simple steps below to see where different species are being seen in North America!

First, navigate to the eBird homepage by clicking here.

Next, click the "Explore" button as shown in the image below:

Then, click the "Species Map" link as shown below:

Once the map appears, type the name of your favorite species and select it from the drop-down box once it appears. Below, we use the Ruby-throated Hummingbird as an example:

When you select your species, purple boxes should appear on the map. This shows the entire range for which the species has been seen in all years. To see only where the species has been seen so far this spring, select the "Year-Round, All Years" box as shown below. Then, click the "Mar-May" button and the "Current Year" button illustrated below:

And you're done! Below is our map of where Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are currently being seen!

And here is another example map for Lesser Yellowlegs, a shorebird that migrates through Iowa each spring and fall (they're already here!):

You can repeat the above steps for any species and any time of year in which you are interested. You can even restrict your search to Iowa by specifying "Iowa" in the upper-right box in the above map.

Have fun exploring, and thanks to Team eBird for providing this great tool for us!

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